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References & Acknowledgements



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Photos were mostly taken by Limor Weizmann, Emily Silver, and Hannah Ramer.

Several photos were also provided by: 
Dan L Perlman (Ecolibrary.org)
Jen Suhd-Brondstatter
Aysu Uygur

*Credits are noted on each page.


We’d like to thank a number of people for all of their help and support in creating this website. These include
Dan Perlman, our jovial professor for Field Biology
Julie Miller, our effervescent TA for Field Biology
Amy Kolosseus, our brave Library and Technology Services consultant
Sean Lewis-Faupel, our patient Website Guru for all of your website help!

We’d also like to give a special thanks to our fellow students in our Field Biology class:
Jen Suhd-Brondstatter, Nina Savransky, Matt Kamm, Ben Kuss, Aysu Uygur, Rachel Gold, Katie Kelly-Hankin, and Akiva Fishman.

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