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(Sweet) Crab Apple Tree

Pyrus coronaria or Malus coronaria

Description: The Sweet Crab Apple, or "Garland-tree," is commonly small and has a short trunk. The obvious distinct characteristic of this tree is its fruit of the apple. The apple is 2.5-3 cm (1-1.25 inches) in diameter, which is obviously smaller than a domestic apple you'd find in the supermarket. These apples are said to be either yellow-green, but can also be reddish. To make sure that a small apple is not actually a cherry, cut open the fruit and look for many seeds, not a pit.

Leaves: Leaves are 5-10 cm long (2-4 inches) when the tree is full-grown. They are sharply toothed starting at the middle of the length of the leaf. The overall shape of the leaf is ovate.

Habitat: Found in old fields and thickets.

Location: The most commonly known tree is behind Spingold, in T-lot. If you hike to the Practice Field by the Commuter Rail, there are some smaller apple trees, and also some apple trees grow behind the upper Mods.

Use: The Crab Apple is usually too tart to eat raw, but the apples are good for making jellies and preserves.