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Creeping Bellflower
Family: Campanulaceae
Campanula rapunculoides

Description: This flower has delicate 5-petaled flowers that droop along the side of the stem. The flowers grow along one side of the stem singly, not in groupings. The flowers typically bloom from bottom to the top.

Leaves: The alternate leaves are toothed and are about 3-4 cm (1.5 inches) long. The flowers grow off of creeping runners.

Habitat: Creeping Bellflowers are called a "garden escape" in the Peterson's Guide, but also grow in fields and along roadsides.

Location: This flower grows naturally on Brandeis Campus, but the most apparent location is in a little garden in front of Kosow-Wolfson-Rosensweig.

Use: The creeping runners are good tossed into a salad or as a cooked green. They can be bitter, but are said to be very tasty.