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Florida Yew
Family: Cephalotaxaceae
Taxus floridana

Description: The Florida Yew, along with other Yews, is typically a shrub. Its leaves are needles. An obvious characteristic of a Yew is its fruit. The fruit is red and looks berry-like with a hole at the top, which reveals the seed.

Leaves: The needles grow to be about 2.5 cm (1 inch). Unlike Firs or Hemlocks, Yews have needles that are green on both sides.

Habitat: Hardwood forests and moist woods.

Location: There is Florida Yew planted all over campus. An example of one bush is found planted against a wall of Ziv 128, facing into the quad.

Use and Warning! The sweet pulp around the seed is edible, but BEWARE! The seeds and wilted foliage contain alkaloid and taxine, which are heart-depressing and can kill.