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Biltmore Hawthorn
Family: Rosaceae
Crataegus intricata

Description: These shrubs or small trees have irregular branches and long thorns that range from 2.5-12.5 cm (1-5 inches). Its fruit is typically red and looks like Rosehips or small apples. The tree has white and pink flowers in the spring.

Leaves: The leaves are shallowly lobed, and they are doubly saw-toothed. The leaves are 2.5-6 cm long (1-2.5 inches).

Habitat: Hawthorns grow in various types of woods, including wet, dry and rocky. They can also grow in old fields.

Location: There is a small Hawthorn tree growing in Sachar woods.

Use: The Hawthorn's fruit is not that good raw, but can make a good jelly, jam, or tea.