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Spotted Touch-Me-Not, Jewelweed
Family: Balsaminaceae
Impatiens capensis

Description: Jewelweed grows to be a wild bush. The Jewelweed is also called a "Touch-Me-Not" because upon touching the ripe seed pods, they explode. The Spotted Touch-Me-Not is orange with spots. The flower has an opening at the top, and the flower hangs off of the stems.

Leaves: The leaves are simple and have teeth that are not sharp or no teeth.

Habitat: Jewelweed grows in shady and wet places.

Location: Jewelweed grows along the path by Rachel Gould's home.

Use: The young shoots (up to 15 cm tall) are good as cooked greens (boil 10-15 min). Jewelweed is also a remedy for Poison Ivy and nettles. Crush the stems and leaves to get the raw juice to sooth nettle's sting or rub on the skin to help prevent rash from Poison Ivy.

These photographs are courtesy of and copyrights of Karen Lutsky and Rachel Gould.