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Welcome to Vanessa Anik's Edible Plants Field Guide!
This website is not an all-inclusive guide to edible plants growing in the Northeastern Region of North America. If you wish to find more information on plants, I reccommend you look at the Reference page or search for other sources.

**WARNING**before using this site: Certain plants listed on this page have toxins or are poisonous. Do not eat plants that are not positively identified or prepared in the correct way.

How to Use this site:

Type (of plant): You can choose between shrub, weed or flower, tree, vine. When choosing one of the types of plants, there will be photos or drawings comparing more specific information (e.g, fruit, leaf type). This is best used when you have a plant sample infront of you or remember the plant details.

Location: This includes general geographic location and specific location on Brandeis University campus, by our classmate's home (Rachel Gould), or near campus. This is best used if you would like to go to a certain location to find an edible plant or you would like to know if a plant you saw is edible. Not all edible plants are on this website. You can refer to another site for more research (Link to Lisa's site?)

Edible Use: Set up in a list format and divided into sections by use, this site will have general ways to use edible plants and may have some recipes. There will also be a link to poisonous plants--Don't eat these!

Name: Choices of Common and Scientific names. If you already know a plant name or have identified a plant, you can search in lists organized by plant type (aka tree, vine)

Family: Edible plants categorized by a list of plant Family names

Vocabulary: Certain key terms will be linked on webpages to this vocabulary page for a definition.

Background Info: Author information, thanks, links

Works Cited: A list of references to find information to compile this cite.