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Family: Solanaceae
Solanum dulcamara

Description: Nightshade is a weak vine that has an unusual leaf and berry. The leaf has two lobes at the base and two skinny leaf parts extending out. The drooping berry is bright red and is oval-shaped. The Nightshade also has a flower in the summer that has an interesting beak-looking structure extending from the center.

Leaves: As described above, the leaves are interesting because of their oddly placed lobes and skinny pieces at the base.

Habitat: The vine grows in thickets and clearings. (That makes Nightshade seem versatile.)

Location: There is Nightshade sprouting along the path from Peripheral Road up to Bernstein Marcus. Also, it covers parts of Brown.

Use and Warning! The berries look attractive and tasty, but they are very poisonous.

All Nightshade photos are taken by and copyrights of Mara Cohen