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Ostrich Fern
Family: Polypodiaceae
Pteretis pensylvanica or Matteuccia struthiopteris

Description: Ostrich Fern look like big feather-like leaves growing out of the ground. Also look for the fiddleheads of the fern, which are small sprouts of fern that curl up tightly at the tops. Eventually, the fiddlehead will unravel into the more identifiable feather-looking plants.

Leaves: The leaves of Fern are called fronds. There are two types of fronds, one that is sterile that are dark green and "plume like" and another that is fertile, which is dark brown and resembles dark brown feathers.

Habitat: Rich, moist, or wet soil by streams, rivers, edges of swamps, and open woods.

Location: Some Ostrich Fern grow at the low parts of Sachar Woods, where rain collects and sometimes forms a stream.

Use: While still tightly curled and under 15 cm (6 inches), the Ostrich Fern is good in salad or as asparagus.