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Pignut Hickory
Family: Juglandaceae
Carya glabra

Description: Hickories have a similar looking fruit, where its shell is split into typically 4 slices that eventually break apart to reveal a nut. The Pignut Hickory in particular has a thinner shell. The tree grows to full size of 18-24 m (60-80 feet).

Leaves: The leaves are pinnately compound and for the most part have 5 leaflets.

Habitat: According to The Audubon Society Field Guide, Pignut Hickories grow in "dry or moist uplands."

Location: The only Pignut Hickory I've seen on campus is along the path from the Castle to the Science buildings.

Use: The nuts can be eaten raw, though they might be bitter. The nut can also be candied, crushed into flour, or boiled to separate the oil. The Hickory sap can be used for syrup, made into sugar, or used for its water.