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Family: Rosaceae
Rosa ssp.

Description: This thorny shrub has 5-petaled flowers that bloom mostly in the summer. The flower, thorns, and rosehip are the most identifiable parts of the rose. The rosehip is the "fruit" of the flower, and can look like a small apple with 5 needle/petal-like things sticking out of the top.

Leaves: Roses have compound leaves, and the leaflets are toothed.

Habitat: There are many species of roses, but many grow along roadsides or in dry or moist soils.

Location: The rose I saw was growing along the top of the road to Sachar.

Use: The rose hips can be used to make jam, tea, candy, and are good to look out for because they cling onto the bush into the winter. Rose hips are high in vitamin C.