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Smooth Sumac
Family: Anacardiaceae
Rhus glabra

Description: A small tree or shrub that has compound leaves. The twigs have a white sap flowing inside, which can be seen if the twig is broken. The fruit grows in clusters of red and fuzzy berries and stays on the plant even after the leaves have fallen.

Leaves: The leaves are compound and "feather-like," as the Peterson's Guide states. Leaves and twigs are hairless, despite the very furry berry. The leaves turn beautiful reds in the fall. Sumac leaves are compound and are toothed.

Habitat: Smooth Sumac grows in old fields and along many Massachusetts highways. The berry clusters are the most distinctive feature to spot.

Location: Sachar Woods

Use: The Beaked Hazelnut's (surprise) nut is edible. You can eat the berry-like nut roasted, grounded into a flour, or 'candied.'