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White Pine
Family: Pinaceae
Pinus strobus

Description: All pine trees are evergreen trees that never lose their leaves. The "leaves" are easily identified because they actually grow in bundles of needles. According to The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Trees, the Eastern White Pine is "the largest northeastern conifer." Another defining characteristic of pine trees is their fruit, which is a cone. The cone, compared to others, is long and slender.

Leaves: The White Pine is the only pine that has needles that grow in bundles of five.

Habitat: White Pines grow in dry or moist sandy soil.

Location: White Pines grow all over campus. Many of them are small because they are just planted. For instance, some grow along the path between the Shapiro Campus center and Bernstein Marcus. Look all over campus for White Pines, though!

Use: Pine trees can be used for candy by stripping young shoots of their needles, the bark can be boiled and grounded into flour for emergencies, but the best use is the boiled needles for a great tea that is high in vitamins A and C