About the Authors

Julie Miller and Camille Stevens-Rumann are both Juniors at Brandeis. They made this website for their Field Biology class in the fall of 2005. Neither Julie nor Camille like eating mushrooms, but find studying them quite fascinating. Both knew little about fungi before starting this project but now have a new appreciation for the Fungi Kingdom and all of its diversity.

Julie is a Biochemistry and French major at Brandeis. Originally from Los Angeles, she is getting to know the ecoregion of the North East. She enjoys being outdoors, and is an experienced backpacker and skier. After she graduates, she would like to do biological research of some kind.

Camille is a Biology and Environmental Studies major at Brandeis. She graduated High School from Phoenix, Arizona and is enjoying the experience of all four seasons. She is on the Cross Country and Track teams so that she can continually tour the New England landscapes. After she graduates, she would like to continue in Earthly adventures.