Fungi Anatomy

Below are structural diagrams for some of the common fungi found throughout this site

Stalk and Cap Model
Fig. 2: Gills can be attached or free where the cap meets the salk, depending on the species.
Fig. 4: Detail of gill (microscopic features)
Fig. 1: Basic anatomy of stalk and cap model with annulus
Fig. 3: Mushroom cap turned upside-down to illustrate radial gill pattern
Bolete Anatomy
Fig. 5: Basic anatomy of a bolete mushroom. Pores constitute the underside of the cap instead of gills.
Fig. 6: Cross section detail of a bolete cap. The pores on the underside are formed by narrow tubes growing lengthwise.
Puffball Anatomy
Fig. 7: Basic anatomy of a puffball (not all puffballs have these features)
Fig. 8: Cross sectional view of a puffball.