This Website is designed to help you identify fungi of New England. This is not a guide to edible fungi, and it is advisable to thoroughly research any fungus before eating.

You can search this site for a specific fungus in several ways:

Search by Color:

This allows you to search for a fungus by its color. Fungi often vary largely in color, so while our pictures show one color variation, it is not exclusive and thus the search is deigned to properly portray all color possibilities

Search by Shape:

This allows you to search for a fungus by its shape. Here you can search any shape from “Cap and Stalk” to “Slime”.  Most fungi we found can be categorized into five groups, accessible through this search option.


Search by Habitat:

This allows you to search by the habitat of the fungus. If you know the type of tree it was found on, or the type of forest, bog, or open grassy area it was found in, this search option can aid your search.

Search by Name:

This allows you to either search by scientific name or the common name of a fungus. This will help you if you are looking for further information on a fungus or if you want further pictures of a fungus.