Field Guide to the Fungi
of New England

In this guide you will find various species of fungi found in New England. The specific fungi were found throughout Massachusetts during the Fall of 2005. This guide describes a variety of fungi found in New England, but it is not a comprehensive site.

There are several ways in which one can search this site to find a particular fungus. First, there are three options to search by characteristics. These three options are shape, color, and habitat. Second, searching by name, one can find information on a fungus if the scientific or common name is known. You can also learn terms commonly used to describe fungi through the glossary.

This website was made in conjunction with the Field Biology class of 2005 at Brandeis University. To view more visit the Class Field Guide Homepage.

Disclaimer: This is not a guide to edible fungi. Do not eat any fungi unless further research is done to determine the edibility and age of a specific fungus. We can not guarentee the accuracy of this site. All species were identified to the closest approximations given our knowledge and experience.