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Amphibolips sp.
Tree type:
Quercus sp.
Photo: Amphibolips oak apple gall on Quercus. Click the second image on the right to see a full-size (1MB) enlargement.

Gall maker: Amphibolips sp. Gallers of the Amphibolips genus of gall wasps (Order Hymenoptera, Family Cynipidae) are numerous and often create oak apple galls such as those pictured.

Shape and Size: galls are globose "oak apples" roughly 2.5 cm in diameter.

Location: Occurring on various species of Quercus (oak) trees; these leaf galls often halt development of the leaf itself and appear to grow out of the bud.

Color: Varies, often light green to yellow with red or brown spots.

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Source: Felt, P. E. Plant Galls and Gall Makers.
Jodhpur, India: Agrobios, 2001.
p 173-179.