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Leaf Galls (browse to find your gall)

Step 2: Follow the key on this page. Note: if you can't find your gall with this method, browse by gall name to see thumbnails. Remember, neither this site nor this key is exhaustive!

Question 1.

Is the gall ROUND? If not, skip to question 2.

If so, is it fuzzy, rough, smooth, or scale-like?

A) Round Fuzzy Galls.

-If fuzzy and pink, click here.

-If fuzzy and brown,

-click here if the gall looks like a small bud with short wool.

-click here if the gall ranges in size from .6 cm to just over 1.5 cm in diameter

-If fuzzy and whitish, about 2.5 cm in diameter, click here.

B) Round Rough Galls.

-If rough and white, sometimes in clusters, click here.

C) Round Smooth Galls.

-If smooth and bullet-like, on an Ash leaf click here.

-If smooth and pouch-like, click here.

-If the gall is a large "oak apple," click here.

D. Round Scale-like Galls.

-If scale-like, does it resemble a spangle or saucer about .25 cm in diameter? If so, click here.

-Does it resemble a ribbed fold along the midvein? If so, click here.

Question 2:

Is the gall mammiform (nipple shaped)? If not, skip to question 3.

-If it is, is it also about .5 cm in diameter? If so, click here.

-If it is over a centimeter in length, click here.

Question 3:

Does the gall resemble a blister or pouch? If not, skip to question 4.

If so, click here.

Question 4:

Does the gall seem to be made up of tiny hair swellings?

If so, click here.