How do I use this Field Guide?
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This website is intended to serve as an introductory field guide to plant galls created by mites and insects. It is by no means a complete guide, as there are over 1500 different known species of gall makers.

To use this guide, please note the second menu above, titled "BROWSING OPTIONS." This provides you with the different methods for browsing this guide.

If you already know the name of the gall maker and would like to read more about it, you can click on "Gall Names." This will provide you with an alphabetical list of galls based on genus and species. A thumbnail below each name will allow you to go directly to the species page for that gall maker.

If you would like to narrow down your search for a gall maker based on the appearance of a gall you've found, please click on "Gall Appearance." This will present you with a key, beginning with location of the gall (i.e. is it on the stem? Is it on the leaf?), and then texture, size, and color. Each step will narrow the list of possible galls.

If you would rather see which kind of galls may be found on a particular tree, please click on "Type of Tree." This will give you the option of browsing by a tree's scientific name (i.e. Celtis occidentalis) or its common name (i.e. Northern Hackberry).

Finally, you may choose to compare two different galls via a drop-down menu by clicking on "Compare Galls."

All of these options can be found at the top of any page in the field guide.

If you need help with a specific term, you can also click on "Glossary" in the first menu at any time.

For info on galls and the author of this site, click on "About."