American Yew
Taxus canadensis
American Yew
American Yew

Family: Taxaceae

Preferred Habitat: humid, continental climates; cool, rich, damp woods and wooded swamps; along bog margins

Range: Newfoundland west to Manitoba, south to Virginia, Tennessee, Illinois, and Iowa

Height: up to 2 meters (6 feet)

Leaves: evergreen and linear, the leaves are very dark green above and light yellowish-green below, ranging from 1 to 3 cm in length, gradually taper to a sharp point; leaves occur radially around the stem but mostly in flat occurrence

Flowers: tiny, cone-like; found in the leaf angles; male and female flowers on separate plants; appearing in May

Fruit: a fleshy, red orange, cuplike aril surrounding a single seed

Location spotted: Outside Bernstein-Marcus Building of Brandeis University

Extra information: Populations migrate; they increase in size by layering, and die back in older sections, which then allows other plants to come in