Ilex glabra

Family: Aquifoliaceae

Preferred Habitat: flatwoods, savannas and pine barrens; dry sites; benefits from fire-regulated habitats

Range: Nova Scotia to Florida and Mississippi

Height: up to 2.5 meters (8 feet)

Leaves: evergreen, simple, alternate, and lance-shaped, 4 cm long, leathery texture, slight curvature of the leaves from base to apex

Flowers: greenish-white, and dioecious, 0.5 cm in length, 5-8 small white petals appearing in late May

Fruit: 0.5 cm black berry-like fruits, occurring from September to May

Location spotted: Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

Extra information: the black ink-like juice that can be drawn from the fruit is responsible for the name for this species