Lanceleaf Buckthorn
Rhamnus lanceolata

Family: Rhamnaceae

Preferred Habitat: bogs and swamps

Range: Pennsylvania to Nebraska, and south to Alabama and Texas

Height: up to 2 meters (6 feet)

Leaves: simple, alternate, subtly toothed, lance-shaped, 12 cm long, leaf undersides typically hairy

Flowers: mostly dioecious flowers, small yellowish-green , 4-petaled, occurring in 2 to 5 flowered clusters

Fruit: berry-like drupe, 0.5 cm spherical fruits are shiny black

Location spotted: Beaver Creek Park; Belmont, Massachusetts

Extra information: the cathartic or laxative effect of the fruits and its use as a source of dye were the reasons for introduction of the seed and plant into the United States