Scrub Pine
Pinus virginiana

Family: Pinaceae

Preferred Habitat: a pioneer species, coming in after fire, and on eroded fields, also used in cultivation

Range: lower elevations in mountains from central Pennsylvania to northeastern Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, also as far north as New Jersey and Long Island

Height: up to 9 meters (30 feet)

Leaves: 7 cm long, evergreen needles occurring in fascicles of two, dark green to gray green in summer, stomatal bands on both surfaces

Flowers: small, monoecious, oblong, 2 cm long, orange-brown, crowded near tips of the branches

Fruit: 7 cm oblong to ovate cones are symmetrical, gray-brown, can be either single or clustered

Location spotted: Outside Rosenstiel Building of Brandeis University

Extra information: If the trunk is broken in half, due to heavy wind for example, the bottom of the tree just keeps growing