White Mulberry
Morus alba

Family: Moraceae

Preferred Habitat: adaptable to nearly all environments, the reason for its widespread success

Range: Native to China and Japan

Height: up to 15 meters (50 feet)

Leaves: simple, alternate, glossy dark green leaves, ovate, variable lobing and toothed margins, range from highly lobed to undivided leaves, size of leaves is variable from 5-12 cm in length

Flowers: the dioecious flowers of this species are formed in late March, with both sexes appearing as greenish insignificant catkins

Fruit: initially the fruit emerges white as a cluster of fruit as a syncarp of drupes appearing blackberry-like 3 cm long, except smaller and narrower, they become red with age, the fruits are edible

Location spotted: Beaver Creek Park; Belmont, Massachusetts

Extra information: this species is seen as pesky; it stains sidewalks purple, and flourishes in every nook and cranny; it was initially imported for the production of silkworms, and can be used as a source for latex