Leaf Rolling Spider
  Clubiona sp.  
Order: Araneae
Family: Clubionidae
Physical Characteristics
Longer than wide brownish to yellowish, face is normaly a dark maroon color    
Flattened and longer rather than wide, with brown heart mark same color as the cephalothorax and normally with distinct chevrons and spots    
Moderately long with distinctive markings    
3-10 mm
Eye Pattern:
  Wandering nocturnal spider that can be found on foliage, under rocks, in debris and under loose bark.
    Eastern United States, South Eastern Canada  
  Web Type:    
  They don’t make a normal web but make a sac to retreat to for molting and depositing egg sacs.  
Fun Fact:    
  Members of this genus, the leaf rolling spiders, get their name from the sac they make to lay their eggs. They literally take a leaf and roll it into a cylindrical tube bound with thick silk in order to provide a safe space to lay their eggs.