Broad Faced Sac Spider
  Trachelas tranquillus  
Order: Araneae
Family: Corrinidae
Physical Characteristics
Dark in color, with very dark enlarged chelicerae    
Light yellow/grey with a darker marking on the dorsal side    
Foremost legs are the darkest and get lighter towards the back legs    
3-10 mm
Eye Pattern:
  Normally found at the base of plants, in grasses and in ground debris.
    New England and adjacent Canada south to Georgia and Alabama and west to Kansas and Minnesota.  
  Web Type:    
  This is a hunting spider so it makes no web. However, it builds a sac like tube to hid and rest in diurnally which is also used to protect its eggs in autumn.  
Fun Fact:    
  This particular spider tends to forage on other dead arachnids and insects which can cause its bite to be particularly unpleasant due to infections.