Ghost Spiders

Diagnostic Features:

These spiders have no cribellum and the females’ genitalia have openings on the outside of the body that are used to breed. They also have lamelliform claw tufts to go with their two claws.


Family Distribution:

Certain Genera are distributed in specific places. As a family, Anyphaenidae covers most of the world


Interesting Natural History Notes:

Anyphaenids are mostly nocturnal as well as wandering hunters. Some are believed to have an important role in controlling insect populations such as aphids. They range between having long legs and stout ones, which dictates their habitat..


Origin of Latin Name:

Anyphaenidae were originally thought to be Clubionidae, but were separated into their own family. The family name means “to weave again” in Greek.


Genera found in the Northeastern United States:

Hibana, Wulfila, Arachosia, Anyphaena