Sac Spiders

Diagnostic Features:

These spiders can be determined by the combination of these features: eight eyes of different sizes in two rows, tracheal spiracle, anterior lateral spinnerets conical, posterior lateral spinnerets small and rounded, anterior tibiae with less than four pairs of ventral spines, and abdomen without a sclerotized plate, and endites that are concave towards the middle of the body.


Family Distribution:

Widespread in North America


Interesting Natural History Notes:

These spiders do not make webs but instead make silken tube out of rolled leaves, bark or debris.


Origin of Latin Name:

The name could have been either based on the Greek word for “cell” as in a monk’s cell or based on the Greek interpretation of the Hebrew word for cage or basket.


Genera found in the North Eastern United states:

Clubiona sp. , Clubiona obesa, Elaver