Corrinid Sac Spiders

Diagnostic Features:

These spiders can be identified by having precoxal triangles and more than four pairs of ventral spines on the anterior tibia.


Family Distribution:

Widespread in North America


Interesting Natural History Notes:

Many species in this family mimic ants in their appearance. These spiders also tend to be ground dwelling an build sac like retreats directly on the ground.


Origin of Latin Name:

The name for this family comes from the greek name of Corrinna. Ovid used this name in his poems the Amores. In addition, this was the name of a choral poetess of the 6th century B.C.


Genera found in the North Eastern United states:

Trachelas, Meriola, Myrmecotypus, Castianeira, Phrurotimpus, Scotinella