Nursery Web Spiders

Diagnostic Features:

This family can be distinguished from other families by the nursery web they make, how they hold their eggs under themselves while they move (held between the spinneretes and the chelicerea), the fact that their legs are prograde and non-flexible tarsi.


Family Distribution:

In North America most of these spiders are found on the Eastern half of the United States and Canada.


Interesting Natural History Notes:

These spiders are known for the way they carry their egg sac between a silk thread from their spinnerets and their chelicerae and how they create nursery webs for their spiderlings to hatch in. Some members of this family are semi-aquatic and have been known to hunt water insects and even small fish.


Origin of Latin Name:

The name Pisauridae comes from the Latin name Pisaura which was based off the Greek adjective which means ‘swift on the sea’.


Genera found in the Northeastern United States:

Dolomedes, Pisaurina