An Electronic Field Guide
Welcome to our spider identification guide. We hope it helps you in your quest todetermine which of our eight legged friends you found in your room, garden, picnic basket or underwear drawer. For general information on spiders please see our Introduction page. If you have a more specific spider in mind, we have several ways to Search through our collection, including: family name, eye pattern, common name, scientific name, or thumbnail  photographs. For more information on how to use our site, you can click on our Help page. Last but not least if you just need a laugh we have a small collection of spider jokes and other humorous things on our Silly Spider Stuff page
This website is the final product for our Field Biology course at Brandeis University and many sleepless nights spent chasing escaped spiders around our rooms, trying to get them to stop moving long enough for a photograph. This could not be done by the authors alone, and there are many people who deserve thanks and Acknowledgements. For a list of references used while making this site please click here.