Bold Jumping Spider
  Phidippus audax  
Order: Araneae
Family: Salticidae
Physical Characteristics
About as long as it is wide. Usually brown to black in coloration.    
Elongated. Brown to black with some light white to gold markings in the shape of triangles on the back.    
moderately short with two clawed tarsi and claw tufts.    
15.0 mm
Eye Pattern:
  Found in vegetation and around rocks. They also survive well in houses.
    Widespread throughout North America  
  Web Type:    
  They make sacs to retreat to but do not make webs because they sneak up and jump on their prey.  
Fun Fact:    
  The chelicerae are irridescent green! Apparently, they adapt well to being held in captivity. One Phidippus audax was recorded to eat 40 fruit flies in one sitting.