Jumping Spider
  Salticus sp.  
Order: Araneae
Family: Salticidae
Physical Characteristics
Distinct eye pattern with four large frontal eyes    
Normally elongated generally has distinct markings created by hairs on the abdomen    
Thick and stout as compared to other spiders, often hairy    
3-15mm (1/8’’-5/8’’)
Eye Pattern:
  During the day these spiders are often found stalking prey in open sunny areas. During the evening they hole up in debris, under bark stones or leaves.
  Web Type:    
  None, jumping spiders stalk their prey and use only a anchor line for capturing prey. They create silken shelters in wood debris and in leaves during the night when they are resting but create no true web.  
Fun Fact:    
  Salticidae is the largest family of spiders with more than 5000 described species.