Ground Spider
  Nodocion sp.  
Order: Araneae
Family: Gnaphosidae
Physical Characteristics
Usually black or brown and may have markings.    
elongated and flattened.    
Prograde with a few setae and two claws.    
2-17 mm
Eye Pattern:
  Temperate zones with little cover. In the day time they can be found under rocks, leaf litter or decaying pieces of bark.
    Most locations in North America  
  Web Type:    
  Because they are nocturnal and wandering hunters they try to use as little silk as possible. They will sometimes form silken sacs that they sleep in during the day.  
Fun Fact:    
  Eggs are placed in flat, white, papery sacs that look like fried eggs due to the bulge in the middle. These are attached to the underside of rocks and abandoned if the mother does not have time to stand guard over the egg.