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Domestic Apple

Malus sylvestris or Pyrus malus

Family: Rosaceae

  • Found throughout, especially in abandoned orchards
Apple tree
  • Round-topped, small tree
  • Trunk is often twisting rather than straight
  • Bark is scaly
  • Twigs usually hairy
  • Blunt, fuzzy buds
Apple Bark
  • Oval, single-toothed, alternate
  • Usually have some white hairs beneath,
  • 2-10 cm or 1-4 inches long
Apple leaf
Reproductive Structures (flower, fruit):
  • Flowers April-June
  • Fruits September-November
  • Flowers are white or pink with 5 petals each, clustered
  • Mature fruits are greater than 2 cm or 1 inch in diameter
Apple Uses:

A straight, strong piece of wood from this tree can produce an efficient bow for archery or hunting. This softwood burns quickly and brightly making it ideal for heat and quick cooking. However, do not depend on apple branches to last until the s'mores; the wood will quickly burn out leaving only ashes rather than smoldering embers.

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