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Fraxinus spp.

Family: Oleaceae

Green Ash
  • Various species are found in specific areas of North America
  • Tall
  • In winter, ashes have moderately stout, mostly gray twigs
  • Bark is dark and tight with interwoven pattern of shallow ridges and furrows
  • Leaf scars are large and shield-shaped
  • 4 or more bundle scars
  • Buds are mostly brown
      Green Ash Bark
      • Opposite
      • Feather-compound
      • Toothed or smooth
      Flower and Fruit:
      • Small, dark, and densely clustered in the leaf angles
      • No petals
      • Small, winged fruits called samaras

      The ash is hard and strong, yet elastic and is best known for its use in making baseball bats. Regarding survival, it can be used to make digging tools, bows, and snowshoes. A piece of this dried hardwood can be used to make the drill and handle of a bow drill. This dense hardwood burns slowly and evenly making it ideal for slow cooking.

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