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Black Walnut

Juglans Nigra

Family: Juglandaceae

  • Found throughout eastern half of the US in fertile soils
Black Walnut tree
  • Tall tree, approximately 20-30 meters or 70-100 feet when mature
  • Bark is dark with deep grooves
Black Walnut bark
Black Walnut leaf Black Walnut leaflet
  • Alternating compound leaves, each 30-60 cm or 1-2 feet long
  • 15-23 narrow, toothed leaflets per leaf
  • Leaves have slightly hairy undersides
  • Smell spicy when crushed
  • Whitish, fuzzy buds
a compound leaf
a single leaflet
Reproductive Structures (flower, fruit):
  • Flowers: catkins, April-June
  • Fruits: large round nuts encased in a one-piece husk, October-November

Use boiled walnut hulls to produce a yellow-brownish dye. Hulls can also be used to make fish poison.

nut in husk

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