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Common Dandelion

Taraxacum officinale

Family: Asteraceae or Compositae

  • Widely distributed
  • Found in lawns and other open grassy places such as fields and roadsides
Common Dandelion
  • 5-45 cm or 2-18 inches tall
  • Not native to North America but now quite invasive
  • Was introduced to New England in the 1600s by European settlers as a salad green
  • Jagged, with deep lobes, similar in appearance to chicory leaves
  • Stems are hollow with white juice
Common Dandelion leaf
Common Dandelion flower
  • March-September
  • Composite flower
  • Bright golden yellow
  • Disk shaped, feathery in appearance
  • Outer bracts point downwards
Common Dandelion seeds
  • White spherical collections of seeds
  • Each seed is on a "parachute" for easy wind dispersal

The white juice in the stems can be used as a glue.

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