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American Elm

Ulmus americana

Family: Ulmaceae

  • found mostly in lowlands, however full-grown trees are becoming scarce due to spread of Dutch Elm Disease
American Elm Tree
  • in an open-grown specimen, trunk divides into branches forming "V" shaped silhouette
  • mature elms can be 24-30 m or 80-100 feet
American Elm Leaf Leaves:
  • alternating leaves
  • short petioles with asymmetrical bases
  • often feel "sand-papery" with distinct veins and double teeth
  • leaves have uneven bases
  • 4-6 inches or 10-15 cm long
Reproductive Structures (flower, fruit):
  • Flowers March-May
  • Fruits April-May
  • Fruits roughly 1 cm or ½ inch, long-stemmed, winged with hairy margins, deeply notched at bottom

American Elm Bark

The bark of an elm can be boiled and used it for making fiber bags and large storage baskets. The inner bark fiber can be used for making ropes and cords. The flexible wood can be used to make a bow.

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