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Welcome to Pesha and Micah's Guide to Practical Plants! This guide is designed to open your eyes to the utility of the plants that surround you every day. From a packable bed to insect repellent, plants from your own backyard can be used for outdoor survival.
All of the species in this guide were found in Eastern Massachusetts. Most were found on the Brandeis University campus with a few coming from the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University. We built this electronic field guide as part of Dan Perlman's field biology class in Fall 2004.
You can browse the species on this site by uses; by common, scientific, or family name; or by characteristics. For further navigation instructions, visit the help page. Unfamiliar vocabulary can be found in the glossary. To learn more about the creation of this website, go to the about page.
We hope this guide enhances your future outdoor experiences, and helps you appreciate what nature can provide. Have fun exploring!
Bull Thistle

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