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Common Juniper

Juniperus comunis

Family: Cupressaceae

  • Widespread, particularly in pastures and infertile soils
Common Juniper shrub
  • Most commonly a shrub, but can be a tree as well
Common Juniper needles
  • Needles are short, sharp, and three-sided
  • Grow in whorls of 3
  • Whitened
needles on the same Common Juniper can vary in their sharpness
Common Juniper needles
Common Juniper fruit
Reproductive structures (flowers, fruit):
  • Berries are hard, blue-black balls covered in white powder

The root, wood and bark can be used for lashing, binding and braiding. Juniper is also an excellent tinder material. A decoction from the twigs can be used to clean your body.

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