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Linden or Basswood

Tilia sp.

Family: Tiliaceae

  • Fertile, moist soil
European Linden tree
  • Mature bark is dark and grooved
  • Young bark is gray and smooth
  • Fibrous inner bark
  • Species are hard to differentiate. Images on this page are of a European Linden, a tree that has been widely planted and spread into the wild in some places.
European Linden bark
  • Fine-toothed, alternate
  • Roughly heart-shaped with uneven bases
  • Size varies by species
bark of a relatively young European Linden
European Linden leaf
Reproductive Structures (flower, fruit):
  • Flowers June-August: yellow and fragrant
  • Fruits August-October: small nut-like balls hanging under a leafy wing that acts as a parachute when ripe

The inner bark of this tree can be shredded to make a strong twine or cord.

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