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Acer spp.

Family: Aceraceae

  • found almost anywhere including forests, stream banks, and fields
Red Maple
  • usually medium sized, but can grow up to 27m or 90 feet
  • often an understory tree growing underneath a thick cover of taller trees
Red Maple Leaf
  • opposite
  • 3-5 lobes
  • mostly sharp toothed
  • dull green on top, pale green or whitish on bottom
Red Maple Key
Flower and Fruit:
  • small and greenish flowers
  • dry, double-winged fruit called samaras or "keys"
Red Maple Bark
  • differs by species
  • Red Maple: smooth gray trunk when young, broken and darker as tree ages

A block of this hardwood is ideal for making the drill and handle of a bow drill, useful for igniting a pile of tinder. A section of green twig from this tree can be used as an old-fashioned toothbrush. This dense hardwood burns slowly and evenly making it ideal for slow cooking.

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