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Mountain Laurel

Kalmia latifolia

Family: Lauraceae

  • mountain and hill slopes
  • Eastern United States
Mountain Laurel
  • gnarled shrub or small tree
  • when an insect lands on a flower, one or more stamens spring out of their pockets and slap the insect
  • twigs hairless
Mountain Laurel Leaf Leaves:
  • pointed or blunt
  • light green beneath
  • hairless
  • edges not rolled
  • often crowded near the twig ends
Flower and Fruit:
  • showy, medium-sized
  • white to purple
  • clustered with pollen-bearing stamens tucked into pockets in the fused petals
  • present May-July
  • fruit is present as rounded dry capsules
Mountain Laurel Buds
The close-grained, brittle wood is excellent for carving spoons.
flower buds

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