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Morus spp.

Family: Moraceae

  • grow wild in North America and Asia
  • able to survive in climates with long hot summers
White Mulberry
  • can grow very tall, but develop a wide, stout trunk and a thick head of branches when grown in the open
  • long-lived and very hardy
  • sap of twigs and leafstalks is milky
White Mulberry Leaf
  • single-toothed
  • either lobed or not; often both are present
  • unlobed leaves are generally heart-shaped with 3-5 main veins meeting near end of leafstalk
Flower and Fruit:
  • produce clusters of male and female flowers in spring and early summer
  • male and female flowers are sometimes produced on separate trees
  • female flowers are followed by ½ - 1 inch edible berries
White Mulberry Bark
You can shred the inner bark of the tree and use it to make twine or cord. A straight, strong piece of wood from this tree can produce an efficient bow for archery, hunting, or a bow drill, used to ignite a pile of dried tinder.

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