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Helianthus annus

Family: Asteraceae

Sunflower Plants
  • native to North America
  • can grow 5-20 feet tall
  • juice is watery, not milky
Sunflower Leaf
  • irregular teeth
  • rounded base and pointed tip
Flower and Fruit:
  • bright yellow with black centers
  • nutritious seeds are produced in the center of the flower
The pithy stalks can be used to make a hand drill, useful for igniting a pile of tinder. The inner pulp of the stalk made both fast-burning candles (if broken into pieces and strung on a string) and chewing gum. A wide array of colors of dye can be obtained from the sunflower, including gray, green, orange, tan, purple and yellow, result from combining different plant parts with various mordants.

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