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About the Authors

This website has been designed and created by Rachel Gold and Aysu Uygur, as a semester project for Field Biology class at Brandeis University, in fall 2006.

Both Rachel and Aysu are passionate about being out in nature, and during this project had the chance to do lots of field excursions, plant identifications and nature photography.

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  Aysu Uygur is a senior at Brandeis, pursuing a BS degree in Biology. She is from Istanbul, Turkey, and her heart lies on the mediterranean coast among the olive trees. Currently, she's working on her thesis project on cell biology, but due to her love of the Earth and earthly delights she spent spring'06 in New Zealand, studying different ecosystems. Aysu is exteremely interested in both cell biology and ecology, and hopes to incorporate them into her career. As an avid, amateur film-maker, she is also weaving film-making into her future plans. Contact Aysu at   Rachel Gold is a junior at Brandeis, where she is a Biology and Environmental Studies major. She is originally a buckeye (a hairless nut with no commerical value), but calls Skippack, PA home. Her love for the outdoors and grudging fascination with identifying trees is largely due to the influence of her mother. Rachel is a Hebrew school teacher, Youth group advisor, and works in the activities department of a geriatric center. She hopes to incorporate her love of the environment, ecology, and (hopefully) history into her future career. Contact Rachel at  
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