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We would like to thank all of the people who made this project possible:

Dan L. Perlman Dan Perlman, instructor and designer of Field Biology (BIOL 32a) at Brandeis University: For his inspiration, for his knowledge, for his support, for all the encouragement, for the free food and drinks on field trips... Without him, we could never have received the most fun 4 course credits of our lives.

Julie Miller (Our TA): For being so amazingly helpful on the field and in the classroom, especially as website snags came along.

Amy Kolosseus: For helping us with our website, especially getting the code to be nice to us.

Field Biology Class of 2006: For the support, laughs, help in identifying subjects, and good times.

We would also like to thank Dan Perlman and Emily Silver for sharing with us some of their photos.

All other photos can be reproduced for non-profit, educational purposes only . For other uses contact Aysu at for permission.


Thanks to the following sources, used to identify and learn about our 42 survival species:


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