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This website is a field guide that introduces different ways you can use Northeastern plants to accomodate yourself in the woods. It includes plants with edible parts, with medicinal uses or with practical uses. It also includes a variety of plants that are poisonous to ingestion or touch.

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Plants on this website listed alphabetically according to Common name or Scientific name.


Find a plant according to its Growth Form.


Edible Plants: Plants you can eat in the woods, without prior treatment or processing.

Medicinal Plants: Plants you can use to relieve or treat possible health emergencies, such as insect bites, burns, high fever or bruises.

Practical Plants: Plants that are resourceful for building survival or camping needs such as shelter, bed or fire. Within the same page you will also find links for building these tools from the designated plants.

Poisonous Plants: Plants you should avoid ingesting or touching.


Check out our Survival Priorities page to get a listing of the plants you should be looking for if you ever find yourself lost in a Northeastern woodland area. This will guide you through your basic needs (water, food, shelter) and how to get to them through the available plants.

The Glossary is a useful tool for the definitions of the scientific words within the text that you are not familiar with.

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